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Friday, August 12, 2005

Chapter 1 -- Part 14

What struck me in Nisha Jacob1 was her boldness. After a particularly good inning (68 runs), I was walking back to the gallery, when this girl in a tight pair of Levi's and an equally tight Tee-shirt approached me and thrust a small notepad to my face. The slogan on the Tee-shirt said "You have the right to remain silent, so please SHUT UP."
"Well played," she said. To my questioning look at the notepad, she added quickly, "Now, don't get carried away… It's not my autograph - that's reserved for the likes of Gavaskar, Ravi Shastry and that new boy wonder, Sachin Tendulkar - just jot down your phone number, okay… I need to know you better… Maybe we can have some fun," she smiled. I had a tough time keeping my eyes away from her generous chest. The noise level from the galleries increased as a bunch of monkeys from the local arts college started to hoot and holler seeing us talk. I tried to spot some of my fellow team-mates, but they were seated at the high end of the gallery reserved for players and hence I could not see them clearly from where I was standing.
"Idiots!" she said looking at the gallery in contempt, "Can't a woman talk to a man in this country?!"
Without a whisper of protest, I quietly wrote down my telephone number and returned the notepad. Looking back, I wonder why I did that. Perhaps, it was just one of those things people do without a thought. One of those reckless little things that finally mould your destiny.
"Don't you have a tongue, man?" she says receiving the notepad.
"Oh, I am sorry… It's your tee-shirt."
"What about my tee-shirt?" her face hardens.
"The slogan says to shut up."
"Oh! That… I am sorry. Just ignore it," she laughs.
"What is your name?" I ask while walking back with her by my side, my bat between us.
"Nisha…Nisha Jacob. First year B.A at the Women's College."
The noise from the gallery increased to deafening levels. It now resembled the sounds emanating from the gorilla cages of the local zoo during the mating time. Above the din someone shouted, "WE'LL SHUT UP IF YOU SHOW YOUR BOOBS, DARLING!"
I saw her eyes turning red. "Bastards!" she said as she bent down, picked up a stone and hurled it at the direction of the voice. There was a cry of pain, followed by some sharp shouts. A gang of six guys materialised out of nowhere. One of them had a bleeding cut on his forehead. A handkerchief was kept pressed against the wound.
"BLOODY BITCH!" one of the guys yelled at Nisha as they approached us with angry strides.

(To be continued...)


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