Killing the Red God

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Chapter 1 -- Part 22

An SMS: “complt this: when love is done, and the end begun…”
I reply: “no cause for gloom, new loves shall bloom.”
She responds: “but the heart is dead, the spirit’s fled,”
I say: “the heart never dies, the spirit shall rise,”
In reply, I get a call. She says one line: “Come raise my spirit,” and hangs off.
Somewhere in me an alarm goes off. Something’s wrong.
The taxi takes sixteen minutes to reach her condo. On my way, I try to call her. There is no response.
Her front door is open wide. Things are much the same as I left it the previous night.
The TV is blaring “Wheel of Fortune”, with Pat Sajak cheering up a woman who has just become “bankrupt”.
Kavitha is sprawled on the sofa in front of the TV. She is wearing a blue churidar and appears to be asleep. There is a small empty bottle on the coffee table and a note is under it. The note said, “Save me, Dil”.

(To be continued...)


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