Killing the Red God

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Chapter 1 -- Part 25

“What is it, Amma?”
“Dilu monay, you have to listen to me carefully and promise me you will do as I tell you to.”
“What is it, Amma…It’s very late…I am tired. Can’t this wait till next time?”
“It’s very urgent…You have to promise me first. Upon my life…”
“O for God’s sake, Amma, I promise, okay?”
“Upon my life?”
“Upon your life.”
“Good…You must do as I say…For my sake…For your sake…For Pooja’s sake.”
“Yeah yeah, okay”
“I know you don’t believe in all this…but still…I will mail you a small packet within a week. It will have a small thakidu (a talisman) in it. Keep the packet under Nisha’s pillow without her knowledge. Within a week she will change her mind and Pooja will come back to you…”
“O stop it, Amma! You know very well I don’t believe in all this nonsense. I knew when you called me ‘Dilu monay’ so lovingly that this was coming…”
“Listen, monay, this is Cherumana Thanthri’s thakidu. His thakidus have never ever failed. I know that for a fact. You know, he is a Devi Bhaktha and a Brahmachari of the highest order. You cannot find such people today. You should listen to his manthras, the way he sings the Devi Mahaatmyam. Such power! such devotion!…Besides, tell me, what’s in it for me? What do I gain from all this? I am doing this only for your benefit, your happiness. Pooja’s happiness. You know that.”
“Yes yes. I know, Amma, I know. You have always meant well. But your methods are ridiculous…”
“But you promised… you promised me that you will do as I say… Now if you break your word, only I will suffer… I might die of cancer or something…”
“Okay, Amma, okay. Mail it to me, if you want. I will do as you ask. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to sleep.”
“Good night, monay. Call me next week, okay. I will be waiting.”
“I will. Good night, Amma.”

(To be continued...)


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