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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chapter 1 -- Part 26

After work, I take the route to the General Hospital.

"You're a naughty girl," I say crossly, seeing her eyes focussing on me.
She smiles feebly, "And you're a good boy," her voice is a whisper.
"I guess that's why, I am used and abused by naughty girls like you," I say in jest.
"I am sorry," she says quietly and looks away.
"Hey! Just a joke, okay?" I laugh and gently squeeze her hand.
Her smile is forced.
"The doctor says you can leave the hospital tomorrow… After some formalities… Answer some questions… see the social worker etcetera etcetera… Do I need to inform anyone?"
She shakes her head, "My husband's on tour… Will return only after a fortnight."
I pull a chair and sit by her bed in silence. We both make no effort for small talk. An hour passes before the doctor comes in. He sees her awake and says some cheerful things to her. Just before leaving, he signals me to accompany him.
"She is very distressed due to some incident that happened to her recently. It may take a while to heal the wounds, but until then, those close to her must treat her with warmth and affection… And try not to let her be on her own… At least for some time. I can sense she is a fighter, she wants to come out of it and live life, and that's a good sign… That was why she wrote that note to you."
I nod my head. "What am I to do?" I wonder. I don't even know her well enough.
I stay till the visiting hours are over.

(To be continued...)


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