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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Chapter 1 -- Part 27

In the morning I call up my office and tell them I am taking leave.

She is braiding her hair while talking to a nurse by her side, when I enter the ward. She is looking much more cheerful and energetic than the previous night. Her face lights up when she sees me.
"Valsamma says that you carried me all the way to the hospital… You're getting good at it, aren't you? …She says you looked like young Sunil Dutt and I like Nargis… Will you carry me back also, please?"
The nurse giggles covering her mouth and then lightly slaps Kavitha's hand, "I never said that."
"No. She actually said Ajay Devgan and Kajol. But I thought Sunil Dutt-Nargis combination was more tragically romantic… like us."
"Kavitha! I never said that either. I just said you make a nice pair, that's all."
"We're neither tragic, nor romantic," I pretend to be serious, "Now, Kavitha, come on get ready, I have to drop you back."
She looks at me and pulls a long face. "You have saved me from death and now I am your responsibility… I am twice born now - a baby. So you will carry me back."
The nurse looks amused. I am not. I wonder why I am doing this.
"Kavitha," I say in a measured tone, "If you don't come now, I will just walk away."
She grabs my hand, looks in both my eyes in quick succession and smiles cautiously, "I am sorry, I will be ready in a moment," she says quietly.
"Come to my home, when you're free, okay," she tells the nurse, before accompanying me.

(To be continued...)


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