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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chapter 1 -- Part 28

She is silent for most part of the drive, looking out through the window at the passing world. I am uneasy at her silence.
"Kavitha," I say, "I am sorry if I hurt you. Didn't mean what I said, okay? …Just that I know you so little, yet all these incidents…"
"Will you stay?" she says, still looking out through the window.
"Will you stay the night… at my place? …Please?"
"But I…"
"I am afraid…please… just one night."
I don't answer. I feel like being drawn into a whirlpool that I cannot escape. The doctor's words echo in my brain.
"Have you eaten… breakfast?" I ask.
She shakes her head.
I pull into the parking lot of a shopping mall.
"I'll stay in the car, if you don't mind. Feeling dirty after the hospital. Need a shower… Just get me some brunch… anything will do."
I buy two packets of chicken rice from the food court in the basement. As I walk back, I am trying to think. I try to convince myself: I am not attracted to her; she is trouble. Big trouble. But some part of me refuses to listen. Some part of me has been smitten by the hurt in those eyes. Some part of me wants to know more. Some part of me wants to kill itself. Some delicious part of me…
I keep the food packets carefully in the rear seat. I place my hands on the steering wheel and smile at her. "I'll stay tonight. But one condition: I take you out in the evening."
"You mean, like a date?!" she is amused.
"Well… sort of. That is, if you can assure me that your husband won't put out a contract on me," I snigger.
"Oh, he couldn't care less. He wouldn't care if I were doing an orgy with a gang of studs in front of him … but what about your wife? Wouldn't she be expecting you?"
I start the car, "She couldn't care less either. Now she is probably somewhere in Hong Kong making a million bucks for her employer."
"So we're free," she touches my thigh.

(To be continued...)


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