Killing the Red God

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Chapter 1 -- Part 29

After a while I ask: “What makes you think I care?”
“Care about what?”
“About you… about you fucking around?”
“I didn’t say you did,” her voice muted, she turns her face to the window.
“Hmm,” I say, “Yes, you didn’t… So we’re a bunch of careless people…”
“…in a careless world,” she adds without facing me.

I wave at the receptionist as we enter the lobby. It’s the same guy. I wonder about the difficult life these guys must be having. Kavitha says a perky “Hi!” to him.
He smiles back, though not without some curiosity and concern in his eyes. “Are you okay, madam?”
“Me?” she asks incredulously “Fit as a fiddle. Dee diddle diddle.”
He looks at her strangely.
“Ta ta” she waves at him as we step into the lift.

**********END OF CHAPTER 1

**Watch out for CHAPTER 2--The Poetry of Sex

(To be continued...)


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