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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chapter 2 -- Part 4

Author's Note:
For reading the first chapter, you may download it in Acrobat PDF format from here (Click here!)

Now for the latest instalment....
By the time she returns, I am in my clothes. She looks relieved, "One of those pesky evangelists… Wants to make me a Witness: 'Be ready for the second coming', he says to which I reply: 'No thank you, I just came a second time today.' He looked at me blankly when I shut the door,"
I laugh out loud.
"I thought I got away from these pests when I said bye to the US"
"That's funny. I thought the security would have taken care of such trespassers," I say suspiciously.
She looks at me and quickly goes to a video display unit attached on the wall by the main door.
"Oops!" she says. "It's still disarmed. I had disarmed it after my 'heroic attempt', the other day… So that you can enter the flat and save me, when I have passed into dreamland."I walk to her with some curiosity.
"See," she tells me gesturing to the display, "Now I've armed it," she presses a button beneath the display. The button lights up and instantly a picture forms on the display. It's a view of the lift lobby. There is no one at the reception. Within a few seconds we see the receptionist coming to his seat. He is fiddling with his zipper, making sure it's not undone. "Hah! There!" she exclaims, "The guy had gone to the gents when that preacher sneaked in.
"Then she presses another button and the display changes to a view of the lift interior. Pressing it once again shifts it back to the lift lobby.
"Once this is armed, even the lift door will not open unless I press this button," she explains to me pointing to yet another button on the panel. I can also speak to the visitor by pressing this one here,"
"Impressive. So when are you giving me a set of keys?" I move closer and bury my nose in her moist hair.
"Let me see if you're worthy of it," she winks at me as she gently pushes me away, "Any way, come, let's eat…after all that work out, I am famished."

(To be continued...)


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