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Monday, October 03, 2005

Chapter 2 -- Part 12

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Now for the latest instalment....


Then came the Cosmetology craze.

A few months after the hotel fiasco, Nisha decides she wants to be a Cosmetologist. I wasn’t sure what that was when she announced her intention. I had assumed it was some high tech profession that’s got to do with outer space — comets specifically — and thought it unusual for Nisha to turn into a stargazer all of a sudden. But then the ways of women were so unpredictable, so I left it at that.
When she showed me the brochure of “The Mona Lisa School of Cosmetics and Make-up Artistry,” things became a lot clearer. The three-month MAD (“Make-up Artistry Diploma”) course made a dent of three thousand dollars to my meagre savings account, but it occupied Nisha for that period; so I was not entirely miserable. Moreover, she seemed so very gung-ho about the whole thing, that her enthusiasm was even infectious at one point leading me to think that this course was probably worth more than the money I paid for it. “This is ME!” she would say excitedly, “O how I wasted my time on that stupid hotel job! Shoulda done this much earlier. Just watch, Dilip. As soon as I get my Diploma, I will work in one of those upmarket Beauty Salons for maybe a few months. And once I learn the finer tricks of the trade, I’ll go solo.” (Now at this point, I must emphasize that this Nisha was the Nisha Dilip Nair, ambitious yet ignorant; maybe even a tad too naïve. She had this tremendous desire to achieve, but her goals were far too nebulous for any clear plan to be drawn up.) She was in for a surprise. A very unpleasant one.

(To be continued...)


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