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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Chapter 2 -- Part 13

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Now for the latest instalment....


Even six months after her “graduation” her attempts at finding an apprenticeship were a complete failure. She had completely neglected the “racial” aspect to these kind of jobs in her initial calculations. When finally the truth dawned on her, she tried to get a job in the few shanty Beauty Parlors in Little India. But there, her newly learnt skills of Eye-Brow Tattoo, Lips-Liner Tattoo, Eye Lashes Perming, Breast Development & Firming Treatment etc were not in demand. Instead their requirements were different. They wanted someone who knew skin bleaching, henna hair, mehndi designs, bridal makeup, black head treatment, threading, facials, special herbal treatments etc.

Finally and after swallowing her pride and agreeing to work for free (“It’s just for experience”), she landed a job as an assistant to a Madam Letchmi of “Minerva Beauty House” in Serangoon Road. I wouldn’t have known these details had I not received a call on my mobile on the third week of her “job”.
“You, husband of Madam Nisha Dilip Nair, IC no. S2654128Z?”, it was a male voice, very coarse.
“Yes,” I replied cautiously.
“Come immediately to Minerva Beauty House, No 23, Serangoon road…Have you taken that down?”
“I can remember…what is this about? Who are you?”
“I am constable Shanmugavel. Your wife is in some trouble. You have to come now.” He hung up.
My heart beat faster as all kinds of ugly thoughts passed through my mind. What could it be? What has she done now? What has she done now not what has happened to her? For a moment I was surprised how my mind had reacted. Is it really her or is it actually me? I didn’t have much time to dwell on these spiralling thoughts since the cab journey to Serangoon was quite short.
No 23, Serangoon Road was a narrow opening between two busy vegetable shops, which led to a dingy and steep staircase that was littered with half empty sacks of potatoes and onions. There was a door at the high end of the staircase on which was painted “Minerva Beauty House, call Mdm Letchmi for appointment.”

(To be continued...)


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