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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Chapter 2 -- Part 14

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Now for the latest instalment....

I gingerly opened the door to find, besides a harried Nisha standing stiff, two Indian cops in uniform and a mountainous lady who, I guessed, was in her fifties. For a moment I wondered how that woman could have squeezed through that narrow stairwell. It was a small room and had a single salon chair occupying most of the space. The big woman was sitting in the salon chair looking up at the cop who was talking to her. On the walls there were pictures of Khushboo, Jayaprada and a few other actresses whom I did not recognise. Facing the chair was also a large mirror, the sides of which were dotted with bindi stickers of different patterns. Beneath the mirror was a low cabinet crowded with different types of lotions and creams. One of the cops was telling the woman, "Enna maami idhu. We all same blood, what. Settle and be friends, lah…" when he saw me enter.

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"Dilip, right? I Shanmugavel," the other cop said extending his hand. "This my colleague, constable Suppiah,"
"What's the problem?" I asked as I shook his hand hurriedly, just to get it over with.
"YOUR WIFE…" the mountain woman was on her feet, like a bull about to gore me.
"Aiyyo please, lah. Maami, we handle this, okay. Cool down, lah. Please," Suppiah said raising his hand in an attempt to calm her.
Then turning to me, Shanmugavel said, "Your wife, haah, slap Madam Letchmi. She call us in to register a police case against your wife."
"Here, look what that girl do," Madam Letchmi cried, pointing to her dark cheeks, "My eyes see stars, yuno!"
"Why don't you tell him why I did it?" Nisha retorted.

(To be continued...)


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:) That advertisement to click on googleads is SLY man :)), but I am gonna click anyways.


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Blogger hari said...

Thanks for your understanding, Prasad. I am only getting peanuts, actually. Maybe enough for a coffee per week. Anyway, something is better than nothing, right?



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